Right from ancient times, the perceptions of people about angels are mostly that of holiness, help, great spiritual powers and goodness generally. And it is mostly known that the presence of an angel in a place signifies the presence of God. Many may not be able to say more than this concerning angels. It is true that the presence of angels signify the presence of God, because angelic presence on earth is motivated by Godly instruction. The etymology of the word angel can be traced back to the Latin word ‘‘angelus’’ which means messenger. This means that angels are messengers of God that do God’s biddings. The first place angel was seen in the scriptures was when the Angel of the LORD appeared to Hagar, the maid of Sarah when the LORD saw her affliction, (Genesis 16:7-12). Many people in the scriptures who walked with God in their days had angelic visitations for guidance and blessings; such examples of people are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and the Apostles of the Lord Jesus, (Genesis 19:15, 22:11, 31:11, Exodus 14:19, Acts 5:19 etc.). The angel that appeared to Hagar in the quoted scripture above appeared because of the seed of Abraham (Ishmael) that was in her, and she was of Abraham’s household.

Now, the words of prophecy from the mouth of the Psalmist surfaced again in the New Testament to reveal the nature and work of angels in these last days, (Psalm 104:4, Hebrews 1:7, 14). These scriptures reveal angels as ministering spirits that are created with fire by God, and that they are sent forth by God to minister for those who will inherit salvation. Who are those who will inherit salvation? They are the saints, the children of God who believe in God through Jesus Christ to inherit salvation, (John 1:12). An example of angelic ministration to the saints is the whole book of Revelation which the angel of the Lord brought to John the beloved, (Revelation 22:8). It is known that angels are very powerful in this present earth and they are more powerful than men to wield power in earth the way they want (Psalm 103:20); but when the time of restoration shall come permanently in the reign of the Lord in the new earth and heaven, the powers of these new earth and heaven won’t be in subjection to angels, (Hebrews 2:5). This doesn’t mean that angels will be put out of the world to come, but men will be in authority because the new world coming out from God is part of the salvation plan that is being spoken about. Thus, we the saints of God are assured of glory in the world to come because Jesus was elevated by God to His right hand side, therefore angels, powers and authorities have been made subject to Him. Hence, because Jesus being man attained the right hand side of God, we also are able to attain the same right hand side with Him on the throne, for Jesus rightly said that, ‘‘to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne,’’ (Revelation 3:21, NKJV). Amen.

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